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64 Zoo Lane Theme Song refers to the theme song that is played at the start of each episode of the series. It is the opening song of the series. The song is sung by a children's choir and a female singer. The singer describes the details and behaviour of many animals in this song.


The song opens with a door with the number "64" on it. In Adobe Flash, there are two sunflowers near the door. We see the title "64 Zoo Lane" as we approach the door. Lucy opens the door as the camera stops moving. She talks to the viewers about her home and her very special neighbours.

The song begins with an image of a camel as the singer begins singing. The next two animals are a kangaroo and a hippo. The next image is a trio of koalas on eucalyptus trees. They follow the tune of the chorus before the next image.

The next image has a chameleon with a sun in the background. We see the lizard eating a fly while sitting on the grass. The next image is a polar bear sliding down a snowy hill. Then we see an image with two monkeys in the jungle. The next image has three frogs jumping on lily pads.

The next image has Toby and Doris playing together. Toby gets his tail caught by Victor. Victor gets bitten by another crocodile, which reveals to be Kevin. Several other animals are very happy for saving Toby. The next image has three flamingos in the savanna.

We later see a hyena in the jungle. The next image has a zebra in the savanna. We also see a porcupine in the jungle, a ram in the mountains, a beaver in the forest, and two snakes. In Adobe Flash, South America is replaced by North America. We see a herd of bison in this animation. The next image has Nelson in a blue background. The last image features a butterfly in a yellow background, followed by Georgina. The singer describes Georgina as a very tall animal.

The camera goes up to the head of Georgina. Lucy starts petting Georgina on her head. We later hear the mother of Lucy telling her daughter to go to bed. The song ends when Lucy goes to bed.


Chorus: 64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane!
64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane!
Lucy: Hello, I'm Lucy. I live at 64 Zoo Lane. And I have some very special neighbors. Look!
Singer: There's one with a hump
And one who can jump
And one who is, well, a little bit plump
Chorus: 64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane
Singer: Some like it hot
And some like it chilly
And some like it both ways and that's a bit silly
Chorus: 64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane
Singer: Some are friendly, some are scary
But one thing is sure not one is ordinary
Chorus: 64, 64, 64, Zoo Lane!
Singer: Some are spotty
Some are stripy
They're prickly and woolly and furry and slimy
Some are quite big
And some are very small
And the last one's Georgina, who's incredibly tall!
Chorus: 64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane
64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane!
Mother: Bedtime, Lucy!
Lucy: Okay, Mom.


  • Music by: Rowland Lee
  • Lyrics by An Vrombaut
  • Published by Millimages S.A.
  • Sung by: Vicky Grebecz as the Lead Singer, children's chorus


Season 1-2

Season 3-4


64 Zoo Lane Theme Song (Extended Version)

64 Zoo Lane Theme Song (Extended Version)


  • An extended version of the song is included in the karaoke machine from CBeebies UK and the album CBeebies: Song Time. However, the speaking dialogue is omitted.
  • The song remains in English in the Chinese version. Only Lucy and her mother are speaking Chinese while the singer and the chorus are speaking English.

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