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I'm not a marmaladillo; I'm an armadillo!
~ Adam, getting annoyed by Leopoldo, Jazz and Dudley about playing football.


Adam the Armadillo is a mischievous, diminutive armadillo who lives in the mountains of The South America. He is the smallest animal in The South America. He is also voiced by Keith Wickham.

Physical Appearance

Adam is a beige armadillo with light green triangles on his body.


Adam is a funny but mischievous armadillo. He also likes to take the form of a ball by rolling up into one. Adam is a brave armadillo, which isn't scared of anything.


Season 1

Season 2




  • He is best friends with Annie.
  • He is based on a 3-banded armadillo.
  • He, along with Leopoldo, Dudley, and Annie are the only characters that do not have Hispanic accents.
  • He is the first character to have his name end with the letter "M".
  • It is revealed that Adam has a mother in his first appearance as mentioned by Jazz. His mother was never shown throughout the series.
  • Strangely, Adam does not have a visible nose whatsoever.