Ants? What are ants?
~ Alan, with amnesia about the ants.


Alan the Aardvark is an aardvark who has an interest in ants. He is notably known for using his snout as a trumpet.

Physical Appearance

He is a light-brown aardvark.


Alan is a bit shy and has a fond of ants. He doesn't like grapes really much. Sometimes, his snout is used as a trumpet.

Alan is also a naturalist about ants. He is usually a chatterbox by telling everyone about a thousand species of ants.


Season 1

  • The Story of Zed the Zebra (first appearance, book only, no lines)
  • The Story of Herbert the Warthog (first appearance in animation)
  • The Story of Esmeralda the Snake
  • The Story of Eddie's Big Adventure
  • The Story of Herbert's Birthday Party

Season 2

  • The Story of Herbert and the Watermelon of Doom (no lines)
  • The Story of Alan the Aardvark
  • The Story of Nathalie's Neighbours
  • The Story of the Hyenas' Holiday
  • The Story of Herbert's Peaceful Day (indirect reference only)

Season 3

  • The Story of Georgina, Queen of Fashion (unheard cheering lines only)
  • The Story of Toby's New House
  • The Story of Alan's Catchy Tune
  • The Story of Herbert's Watermelons (music reference only)
  • The Story of Doris's Precious Things (reference only)

Season 4

  • The Story of the End of the Rainy Season Clean
  • The Story of the Savannah Craze
  • The Story of the Jungle Ball (trumpeting sounds only)
  • The Story of Alan's Scooter




  • It is assumed Alan can eat all types of ants. In real-life, some ants are very harmful to an aardvark. These types are African driver ants and red ants.
  • Though Alan uses his snout as a trumpet, aardvarks are usually quiet and rarely make grunting noises.
  • Alan is wide awake, despite the real-life specie is nocturnal. In Episode 25, one can tell that Alan is usually sleeping. Possibly, Nelson accidentally grabbed Alan who was sleeping.
  • Alan's trumpet sound has a different tune in Season 3 and 4.
  • He replaces Pauline in the intro with Adobe Flash.
  • In other languages, Alan is mistranslated as an anteater. However, in the Brazilian version, Alan is mistranslated as a tamandua, a type of anteater in Central and South America, thus the Portuguese word for the specie. This is incorrect, as an aardvark lives in Africa, since an anteater does not appear in Africa in real life. However, both species are capable of eating ants and other insects.