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Did someone mention my name?
~ Annie's first lines.


Annie the Anaconda is a large red anaconda thought to be the monster in the forest. She is the animal friends with Adam, Leopoldo, Jazz and Taco. In fact, she is generally a gentle anaconda. She is also voiced by Anna Bentinck.

Physical Appearance

As stated above, Annie is a red anaconda. She has purple and blue stripes as a pattern.


She is used as a bridge for the animals to cross gaps. She usually is the animal friend of Adam and very gentle to the animals. Annie usually gives the animals teamwork to help problems.

Jazz, Leopoldo and Taco were eventually scared of Annie at first for being the monster in the forest. Annie does not do any harm to the animals, since she is very gentle.


Season 2



  • She is the best animal friends with Adam.
  • She is based on a green anaconda.
  • She is very similar to Kaa, a character from "The Jungle Book" novel series. Both, he and Annie are depicted as large snakes and are the animal friends towards protagonists (Mowgli and Adam). The difference is Annie is an anaconda and Kaa is a python.
  • She, along with Adam, Leopoldo and Dudley, are the only South American residents not to have Hispanic accents.
  • Annie usually lives in the trees. In real-life, an anaconda is supposed to live near river areas.
  • Annie scared Jazz, Leopoldo and Taco, because she's the monster in the forest.
  • Despite being with the animal friends with Adam and being used as a rollercoaster, an anaconda in real life is a predator to an armadillo. An anaconda in real life can eat with the mammals, which is different than the cartoon counterpart.
  • She is the largest animal encountered in the entire series.
  • Annie is called a boa in the Brazilian version. Because "anaconda" would not make sense, Annie is called a "boa". This might imply that Annie is not seen on water. However, both species (anaconda and boa) are native to The South America and Brazil.
    • Also, Annie has a clear resemblance to a boa constrictor.