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Asia is an additional region based on the valleys of China. It is home to a panda alongside a red-crowned crane, a mountain goat, a busy hare, and a Chinese carp.

Mountain Village

Bao Bao and Gertie at the mountain villages

The mountain village is home to many animals there. The village is home to many types of animals in Asia. It is where a cooking contest was held. There also lives a bamboo forest and a lake that border the village.


Horace meeting Confuse-us at the pond

Also known as "Mirror Lake", this is not really a lake. Instead, this is actually a small pond. The lake is home to a Chinese carp, which is summoned when hitting the gong.

Bamboo Forest

Bao Bao at the bamboo forest

The bamboo forest is bordered near the mountains. It is home to many pandas.

So-Hi Mountains

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As the pun suggests, the mountains are very high. The animals that live on the mountains are mostly goats.

Residents of Asia


The music for Asia is a mix between Chinese and Japanese music. The music heard in Asia is very gentle and relaxing.