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What if Bao Bao's paws crush me? I'd bet he's out of his way.
~ Horace, being very nervous about Bao Bao trying to hug him.

Bao Bao

Bao Bao the Giant Panda (also known as Bao Bao the Panda by short) is a panda who lives in the So-Hi Mountains. He is friends with Cassandra, Gertie, Horace, and Confuse-us and is also very helpful to some of them.

Physical Appearance

As stated above, he is a giant panda. However, he has black-indigo stripes.


He is usually very friendly and he loves hugging everyone he sees. He is also very helpful to many residents of Asia. Much like Horace and Cassandra, he is eligible for asking Confuse-us to get help for things what he needs to do.


Season 4

  • The Story of Horace the Hare (first appearance)
  • The Story of the Cooking Contest
  • The Story of Bao Bao's Long Goodbye
  • The Story of Confuse-us the Carp
  • The Story of Washi-Washi Day
  • The Story of Gertie the Goat




  • "Bao Bao" (宝宝) means "treasure" in Chinese language.
  • In French, his name was adapted in one word ("Baobao").
  • Bao Bao became a very popular animal in the Chinese version of the series. This is because the panda is the national animal of China.
  • He is the only character to say his own name in the entire series (example: "Bao Bao say hello to Cassandra the Crane").
  • He is very similar to Master Po. Both, he and Po are depicted as pandas who cook food. However, there are a difference between two. Bao Bao has an interest in hugging. Po has an interest in kung-fu fighting.
  • His favorite food is bamboo, which is referenced that a panda's favorite food in real life is bamboo.