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~ Beverly, waiting for the tree to fall down.


Beverly the Beaver is a female beaver who is the animal friends with Boris, Melanie and Randolph. Like Randolph, She speaks with an American accent. She is also voiced by Anna Bentinck. She is always busy making dams.

Physical Appearance

She is a North American beaver (Castor canadensis) without a nose or ears.


Generally, she is very busy making up a bigger dam for ages. If the beaver dam is destroyed, Beverly is very sensitive about her masterpiece that took ages.


Season 1

Season 2



  • 1 time in the closed captions, "Beverly".
  • She is only with the characters to be voiced by voice actors in the American accents (not counting the characters with the original voices from the US version).
  • Her first appearance was actually Episode 21, despite being shown in the opening song. She is seen standing on a tree trunk on a river "surfing" through the alpine forest.
  • The reason why she speaks with an American accent is because she is based on the specie Castor canadensis.
  • Prior to different seasons, the catchphrase "Timber!" has a different tone.