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What a selfish beaver!
~ Boris, angry about Beverly who is causing deforestation.


Boris the Bear is a brown bear who lives in the forests of The North America. He is always wise and kind to Lucy. He has a cousin named "Snowbert" who lives in the cold regions. He speaks with an Russian accent. He is voiced by Lewis McCloud.

Physical Appearance

Boris is a brown bear (or grizzly) as stated above. He has a purple nose.


Boris is usually a bit clumsy, but is friendly to Lucy. He has a fond of honey from the North American trees.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Boris is based on either a sloth bear or a grizzly bear. Because he lives in The North America, Boris is actually a grizzly.
  • He is very similar to Baloo, a character from "The Jungle Book" novel series.
  • Boris is the only non-African animal to appear in the episode.
  • Boris is seen wide awake on the winter seasons. In real life, many bears hibernate during winter.