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Good morning, Bao Bao!
~ Cassandra, getting greeted by Bao Bao.


Cassandra the Crane is a crane who lives in the So-Hi Mountains. She is also very kind to other animals in Asia.

Physical Appearance

She is a red-crowned crane.


She is kind of an impressive dancer to the animals of Asia. She usually has a good relationship in helping other characters, similar to Audrey and Carrie. It is also revealed Cassandra can teach table manners to other animals who are eating in a good or bad positions in Episode 90.

As revealed in Episode 97, Cassandra must leave the mountains during the winter with a flock of cranes to avoid being frozen. This refers that many birds leave during the winter.


Season 4

  • The Story of Horace the Hare (first appearance)
  • The Story of the Cooking Contest
  • The Story of Bao Bao's Long Goodbye
  • The Story of Confuse-us the Carp
  • The Story of Washi-Washi Day
  • The Story of Gertie the Goat




  • Cassandra is the first new animal introduced in Season 4.
  • She shares similar characteristics with Audrey, although there are differences between two. Audrey is very agony and Cassandra is busy dancing.
  • She reappears again in her next appearance, despite which she left the valleys during the winter. It is certainly unclear whether the events take place after flying south or it took place before Cassandra left.
  • She is based on a red-crowned crane as stated above.
  • Her favorite hobby is doing the crane dance.
  • She and Gertie are friends as revealed in Episode 90.
  • Cassandra is the only bird that leaves her hometown during the winter.

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