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Greetings! Who comes seeking advice from Confuse-us the Wise?
~ Confuse-us, asking the visitor after the gong is hit.


Confuse-us the Carp (also known as Confuse-us the Wise) is a male carp who lives in the So-Hi Mountains. He is wise to Horace, Gertie, and Cassandra. His name is a parody of Confucius, a legendary Chinese figure.

Physical Appearance

He is an orange carp with four whiskers and two nostrils.


He is very helpful for other animals who are having problems, sharing similar characteristics with Cassandra and Audrey. Usually, he is very busy underwater; when the gong is hit, which summons him for help.


Season 4




  • He is the first and only character that is a fish.
  • He is based on a Chinese carp.
  • He is the second animal that only lives on water. The other is Thelma.
  • He is called "Confucius" in the Spanish dub, which is based on the parody name. Also, his English name is a parody of the legendary figure "Confucius".
  • Confuse-us is the only character to have eyelids.
  • He was renamed to "Yin Yang" in the French version. The name is a reference to a traditional Chinese symbol that connects the balance between good and evil. That is where his French name comes from. Both, Yin Yang and "Confucius" come from Chinese culture.
  • He is never shown out of water in animation.