Giggles and Tickles, I presume.
~ Chuckles's first lines.


Cousin Chuckles the Monkey is the cousin of Giggles and Tickles. He doesn't like jokes, but he acts as his name suggests a little bit.

Physical Appearance

He looks much like his relatives Tickles. However, he has two spiky hair sticking out.


Chuckles is very different from Giggles and Tickles. He doesn't like any tricks and everyone was bored. Soon, he started to do tricks after having a visit from Doctor Gordon.


Season 2

  • The Story of the Important Visitor (indirect reference only)
  • The Story of Cousin Chuckles (first appearance)



  • The quote "Mister Elephant" is a reference by Lucy as an inspector.
  • Like Giggles and Tickles, he bears a resemblance to a spider monkey. Chuckles might be based on a vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus).
  • Unlike Giggles and Tickles who are known to be funny, Chuckles is much serious than the other two. In addition, he is older than the other two.
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