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Giggles and Tickles, I presume.
~ Chuckles's first lines.


Cousin Chuckles the Monkey is the cousin of Giggles and Tickles. He doesn't like jokes, but he acts as his name suggests a little bit. He is also voiced by Lewis McCloud.

Physical Appearance

He looks much like his relatives Tickles. However, he has 2 spiky hair sticking out.


Chuckles is very different from Giggles and Tickles. He doesn't like any tricks and everyone was bored. Soon, he started to do tricks after having a visit from Doctor Gordon.


Season 2



  • The quote "Mister Elephant" is a reference by Lucy as an inspector.
  • Like Giggles and Tickles, he bears a resemblance to a spider monkey. Chuckles might be based on a vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus).
  • Unlike Giggles and Tickles who are known to be funny, Chuckles is much serious than the other 2. In addition, he is older than the other 2.