Hey man, that's not fair!
~ Duddley, angry at Jazz and Leopoldo for playing soccer the wrong way.


Duddley the Sloth is a two-toed sloth who is friends with Jazz and Leopoldo . He is usually one of the football players in South America who didn't want to let small animals play football at first.

Physical Appearance

He is a two-toed sloth with spiky hair.


Duddley is optimistically a half-villain and half-hero and is usually seen only in one episode. However, he used to be an enemy towards Adam. However, he with Jazz and Leopoldo begin to reform to rescue Adam from the cave.


Season 1

  • The Story of Adam the Armadillo (first appearance)

Season 3

  • The Story of the Puffins' Treasure (indirect reference only)



  • He is replaced by Taco in Season 2.
  • He usually stays on the ground. In real-life, sloths are supposed to live in trees and they are slow.
  • He is based on a two-toed sloth as stated above.
  • Despite having spiky hair, real sloths do not have spiky hair.
  • He is very similar to King Louie from Disney's The Jungle Book. Both, he and Duddley are enemies towards the protagonists (Mowgli and Adam). The big difference is Duddley is a sloth and King Louie is an orangutan.