We've walked past this tree before! We won't move another step until you've asked for directions!
~ Edna, complaining to Harry about walking in the same place.
Edna Hyena


Edna the Hyena is Harry's wife and the mother of two hyena pups named Holly and Johnnie.

Physical Appearance

Edna looks like her husband Harry, but has eyelashes. However, she has bigger ears. Unlike Harry (who has a spiral tail), Edna has a squiggly tail. Unlike Harry, Edna has six spots on her body.


Edna can be a bit bossy about being in the same place. This made Harry convince her that the hyenas never give up.

Like Harry, Edna is very protective of Holly and Johnnie whether the two of them are safe or are in danger. As revealed in Episode 50, she and Harry also like how Georgina is rescuing their children from a volcano.


Season 2

  • The Story of Nathalie's Neighbours (first appearance)
  • The Story of the Hyenas' Holiday



  • Edna and her family are usually friends with other animals, despite not eating others. In real-life, hyenas are actually predators to other animals.
  • The name "Edna" rhymes with "hyena", which is actually what Edna is based on.
  • She is based on a spotted hyena, just like Harry.
  • Edna dislikes the rain as revealed in Episode 50. The same thing happens with Holly and Johnnie.
  • Though Edna has six spots on her body in many scenes, Edna sometimes has five spots in some scenes. This is possibly due to animation error oversight.