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Well, hello, Herbert!
~ Esmeralda's first lines.


Esmeralda the Snake was the homeowner of the desert burrow and now the current homeowner of the big cave until she returned to her burrow at some unspecified point. She is also voiced by Adrienne Posta.

Physical Appearance

She resembles one of the nameless pink snakes. However, she has eyelashes. She is based on either a sidewinder or a kingsnake. She has a pink feather duster.


Esmeralda is very busy as a housemaid in her burrow. She is extremely protective of her collection of neat things. However, she has a hatred of messy things in her burrow. Esmeralda usually likes everything very neat, since she is a housemaid. Esmeralda is also known for asking visitors who visit her home not to touch her collection of neat things. If any visitor messes up her collection of neat things, Esmeralda gets very upset when her collection is messed up.

She is eventually not an antagonist when she yells at Herbert who tried to be her visitor. Esmeralda is eventually an anti-hero and not a villain at all.


Season 1

Season 2




  • She has a fond of the watermelons, much like Herbert. This isn't true, because most of the snakes actually eat with the animals and eggs of the other animals.
  • She shares the trait with King Snake. Both eat watermelons.
  • She is named after the Neutral Spanish name for "emerald".