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Uncle Dennis...
~ Gary, trying to ask Dennis a question.


Gary the Dromedary is the nephew of Dennis who lives in the desert.

Physical Appearance

He looks much like his uncle Dennis, but is smaller than him and has buck teeth.


Gary is usually very curious, but is vain. Sometimes, he is very goofy when having relations with the other animals. In his first appearance, Gary became bothersome in talking to Dennis. This made him go for a walk while his uncle continues watching the sand in the desert. However, he accidentally went to the marsh. The inhabitants of far away places are very good at giving him objects on his journey.

In his second appearance, Gary tries to make with the animal friends with Zed. Gary thinks the zebra is vain. However, this causes him to lose his cool. That is why Gary was trying to get more attention from Zed. The main idea is when the monkeys started giving him a disguise of black and white stripes. He is disguised as a zebra to attract more attention. The animals believe that Gary in his disguise is not bad.


Season 1

Season 2



  • His name "Gary" rhymes with the word "dromedary".
  • Like all the camels, Gary doesn't know that the white sand is actually snow.
  • He is the second animal that gets yelled at with 1 word. The first is Melanie.