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Georgina giving her impression to the animals.

Georgina's Song is played in Episode 9, in which Georgina is singing about her neck to all the animals of Africa. It is sung by Georgina.


The song begins with Georgina welcoming the animals to her performance. Georgina began stating that she is taller than the other animals. She is capable of eating leaves from the tree and stretching high. She later starts blowing snow from the blue mountain, which surprised the animals. Georgina also began stating everything is fun when she plays with the sun.

Georgina began stating of being a great star with her physique. Georgina is also capable of being an acrobat and the monkeys began sliding down her neck. Georgina began the grand finale by showing different poses of her long neck. The animals are very confused with Georgina for overusing her neck. The song ends when Georgina gets her neck tangled up.


Georgina: (speaking) Welcome, everyone! Welcome! Thank you all for coming to my show starring me: Georgina Giraffe!
(singing) I am tall, very tall
I am taller than you all
I can stretch to the treetops
I can nibble the leaves off
I can reach very high to the clouds in the sky
It's a thrill, it's such fun
When I play with the Sun!
Giggles: (speaking) Ouch, it's hot!
Tickles: (speaking) Ouch!
Georgina: (singing) I'm a star, I'm unique
Just look at my physique
I'm a first class acrobat
But I guess you all knew that
(instrumental verse for a short time)
(speaking) ...and now for the grand finale!
(singing) Look at me
Can't you see?
I am pretty, I am witty
I'm Georgina Ballerina
Prima Donna, Concertina
I'm so clever, I'm the best
I'm much better than... the rest!
La-la-la-la-la (repeat until song ends)





  • This is the only song that is shown in one of the 6 books by Vrombaut.
    • However, some of the lyrics are erased, making the song shorter.

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