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Welcome everyone! Welcome! Thank you all for coming to my show starring me: Georgina Giraffe!
~ Georgina, beginning her performance to the other animals in the savanna.


Georgina the Giraffe is a giraffe who lives in Africa. She is the tallest of all the animals in Africa.

The name is similar to Gina from Outfit7


In almost of the episode, Georgina knocks on Lucy's window to come out to the zoo to meet the animals. She is the main animal friend of Lucy.

Georgina is eventually very kind in helping with the other animals in Africa. She is eventually polite to the other animals.

Physical Appearance

Georgina is a yellow giraffe with blue spots.


Season 1

Season 2





  • Georgina is based on a reticulated giraffe.
  • Georgina has the original voice in the American version added and fixed by Lobster Films. She is also voiced by Dian Perry.
  • There is an error when Georgina sings during the dawn chorus. She vocalises when making a sound. This is false, because the giraffes make bleating noises and mooing noises.
  • Her favorite berry is Bumbleberry. She also likes Bumbleberries on soup.
  • Georgina is the tallest of all the animals, as stated above.
  • Georgina is the first character whose name starts with the letter "G".
  • Georgina is the only storyteller not from The North America that tells stories that take place in The North America.
    • Also, she is the last storyteller that telling with the stories outside her hometown.
  • Georgina was inspired by the paper mâché model of a giraffe during with the development of the series.