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Oh, if you don't like the food, then could I have your portion? Baa!
~ Gertie talking to Cassandra whether Bao Bao or Horace is the best cook.


Gertie the Goat is a goat who lives in the So-Hi Mountains. She is friends with Bao Bao and Cassandra.

Physical Appearance

She looks like a domestic goat. She has one regular horn and one twisted horn.


She usually is a friend with Cassandra, but she is usually busy eating grass in the mountains. Somehow, Gertie is very kind to friends such as Bao Bao who gives her a hug.

Gertie is very intelligent by climbing mountains. She is an expert climber on the mountains.


Season 4

  • The Story of Horace the Hare (first appearance)
  • The Story of the Cooking Contest
  • The Story of Bao Bao's Long Goodbye
  • The Story of Confuse-us the Carp
  • The Story of Washi-Washi Day
  • The Story of Gertie the Goat




  • Despite living in the mountains, Gertie is based on a Cashmere goat.
  • When Gertie talks, she sometimes bleats like a real goat.
  • She and Cassandra are friends.
  • Her favourite food is the green grass.
  • Gertie is the second character to slide down Georgina's neck in the zoo. The first is Lucy.