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Giggles and Tickles

Giggles and Tickles the Monkeys are the names of the 2 monkeys who like to play mischief. They are also identical-twins of the brother and the sister. Giggles has spiky hair while Tickles has horn-shaped hair.

Physical Appearance

Both monkeys are depicted with long tails, arms and legs and they resemble spider monkeys.


Both monkeys are known for causing mischief. As their names suggest, both of them like to giggle and tickle a lot. However, they can be sometimes helpful to the other animals and are not always mischievous.


Season 1

Season 2




  • It is assumed if Giggles and Tickles are based on the spider monkeys (because their long arms, legs and tails). However, the spider monkeys are found only in Mexico and not in Africa. They might also be based on the vervet monkeys.
  • They are voiced by voice actresses in the American accents in the American English version by Lobster Films. Giggles is voiced by Lorelei King (an American actress) and Tickles is voiced by Emma Tate (another American actress).
  • Then have a cousin named "Chuckles".
  • They also have an uncle named "Doctor Gordon". Despite having an ape as an uncle, the monkeys and the gorillas are different from each other. This is because the monkeys have tails and the apes have no tails.