Uhh... I'm so sorry.. I tried to teach my grandson to use his special gift in a good way... but the BOY NEVER LISTENS!!! He always has to learn the hard way...
~ Granddad, angry to Audrey and Herbert about a mischievous Casper.
Granddad Chameleon

Granddad Chameleon

Granddad Chameleon is the grandfather of Casper. He tells Casper to use his camouflaging carefully. Unlike Casper, Granddad is very serious and strict and always on a lookout for his son.

Physical Appearance

He is a chameleon with visionary eyes. His tongue is orange, much like his son Casper. Unlike Casper, Granddad does not have yellow spots. As his name implies, he is the grandfather of Casper.


He is very protective of his son Casper. He dislikes Casper when he talks with his mouth full and using camouflage skills the wrong way.

Unlike Casper, Granddad is very serious with his grandson Casper. He tells the naughty son to use camouflaging wisely, but Casper refuses to listen to him. He is also good in having a conversation with animals that have problems with Casper. He also dislikes Casper getting into danger for ignoring his warning. However, he still cares about his grandson Casper, even when Casper apologizes to him for being naughty.


Season 2

  • The Story of Casper the Chameleon (first appearance)




  • He is the only character to have visionary eyes.
  • He might be based on a panther chameleon.
  • He shares similar characteristics with Nelson. He and Nelson are very protective of their sons and are always strict on them whether they are doing good or bad. They also both dislike their children who do naughty stuff or never listen to other animals for advice.
  • He and the other chameleon in the intro are the only chameleons that do not have spots.