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Note: This animal's name is not official.

Gunnar the Seagull is a seagull, specifically a black-headed gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus), who lives on Mossy Bay Island. He is friends with Thelma, and is a football referee for the puffins.

Physical Appearance

Gunnar mainly has white feathers all across his body, and black feathers on his head, tips of his wings, and tail. He has a yellow beak and feet, and blue eyes.


Gunnar usually soars around the island, and is a referee for football matches. He never spoke, nor was officially named.


Season 2



  • He and Thelma are the only new characters that don't speak in Season 2.
  • Black-headed gulls in real life have maroon beaks and feet, rather than yellow.