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No way! We're gonna enjoy our day whether you like it or not!
~ Harry, prompting the hyena family to move to the lake that the hyena family never gives up.


Harry the Hyena is a hyena who lives in the African savanna. He has a hyena wife named Edna and is the father of Holly and Johnnie. Harry is also encountered in the jungle aside from being encountered in the savanna. He is also voiced by Lewis McCloud.

Physical Appearance

Harry looks more much like a hound dog, but has a purple nose and black spots. He is based on a spotted hyena. He has much hair than his hyena wife Edna. He has a spiral tail and has 5 spots on his body.


Like all the hyenas, Harry likes to laugh. He is the father of the 2 hyena pups who always keeps an eye on them. Harry is also good at giving with the other animals advice, such as Giggles and Tickles in Episode 6. In Episode 25, Harry is also polite by thanking Nelson for removing the boulder from the burrow that has trapped him and Esmeralda for days.

Harry also dislikes the hyena family complaining on the same place on vacation, even during a rainy day. It is also revealed Harry is not a good swimmer in the marsh.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Harry is usually with the animal friends with the other animals. While in real-life, the hyena is actually a predator to the animals.
  • His first appearance was actually Episode 6, despite being shown in the opening song. He is seen walking in the jungle.