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Oh, I wish I could go back home... but I can't go back, because the other hippos will laugh at my ugly hair...
~ Henrietta, feeling sad about the hippos trying to taunt him for returning.

Henrietta in the desert.

Henrietta the Hairy Hippo is a relative of Molly, who has lots of hair on her back. The hippos in her home usually taunt her for being very hairy. Eventually, Henrietta dislikes being taunted about the hair on her back.

Physical Appearance

As her name suggests, Henrietta has lots of hair on her back. Henrietta has a striking resemblance to Molly.


Henrietta's hairy! Henrietta's hairy!
~ The hippos taunting Henrietta about her hairy body.

The hippos usually taunt her by seeing her completely hairy body. Henrietta soon was very miserable for being taunted. Soon, the other animals helped Henrietta on her adventures to find another place to live.

Dennis, Giggles and Tickles and The Snip Snip Bird are very helpful in helping her during her fears in the other locations. Dennis is eligible of bringing her across the desert. Giggles and Tickles are notable of rescuing her from a hungry spider. The Snip Snip Bird also helps her by cutting her hair and making her a princess. Also, the other hippos are impressed by her beautiful look.


Season 1





  • She is the first hippo who appears in the desert. The other one is Molly who has appeared in Episode 41 when watching Zed dance with Gary.
  • Henrietta is also the only hippo who didn't appear in another episode after her first appearance.
  • She shares similar characteristics with The Ugly Duckling. Both, she and the Ugly Duckling are depicted as protagonists who are taunted and ridiculed by the other animals and leave their home. The difference is Henrietta is a hippo and the Ugly Duckling is a swan.
  • Despite being caught in a spider web, Henrietta is too big to be eaten. This is because the spiders cannot eat a whole hippo in real life.
  • Henrietta is the only character to receive a new look (not counting major redesigns) from another animal (The Snip Snip Bird) who fixed her hair.
  • Though Henrietta is also voiced by Anna Bentinck (voice of Molly), Henrietta has a different voice unlike her relative.