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Watermelon... watermelon...
~ Herbert, having an interest of the watermelons.


Herbert the Warthog is a brown warthog who lives in Africa. He has a set of the musical rocks as his favorite instruments.

Physical Appearance

He is a brown warthog with 4 tusks.


Herbert has a fond of the watermelons and muddy potatoes, who is also a very messy warthog. He never likes to clean up, which is seemed to be conflicted by Esmeralda.

Apparently, Herbert can even be grumpy with the other animals. However, he can sometimes be bossy much like Doris. There are many characteristics of him like being lazy, helpful and many other roles in character.


Season 1

Season 2




  • He has a fond of watermelons, also muddy potatoes.
  • Herbert is a popular character in the series.
  • Herbert does not have thick hair, unlike his real life counterpart. His appearance looks like an actual pig. Also, his color bears a resemblance to a Eurasian wild boar.
  • Herbet is one of Vrombaut's favorite characters from 64 Zoo Lane, alongside Georgina.