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No, not like that! Now what did I tell you?!
~ Mister Hercule Mustache, worried about Thomas who was tripped over by the crabs.

Mister Hercule Mustache

Hercule Mustache the Walrus is a walrus who lives in Mossy Bay Island. He is the animal friend of Sidney the Seal. He is also voiced by Bob Saker.

Physical Appearance

He is a walrus with a purple nose and bushy eyebrows. He has a mustache as his name suggests.


Hercule Mustache is very grumpy. He usually moans about deeds a relationship has been doing. In his first appearance, Sidney and Snowbert get fed up with his behavior for all his moaning and complaining. His first conflict was with the puffins who are causing mischief around the island.

Usually, he is not always grumpy. He is very kind to one of the puffins by helping them. He is also very good at asking with the other animals for help such as Jamie.


Season 2





  • He speaks with an French accent.
  • Generally, he is the 3rd animal to speak in a foreign accent (French) besides English. The first is Jazz (Hispanic) and the second is Isabel (Italian).
  • He is the first new character introduced in Season 2.
  • He is the only character to have permanent eyebrows.