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Horace the Hare is a hare who lives in the So-Hi Mountains. He is a hare who is usually busy.

Physical Appearance

He is a based on Chinese hare which lives in the wild. However, he has no visible nose and has a white cottontail.


Horace is eventually very busy. He seems to be very nervous of things when getting help from the other animals. The other animals are very helpful to Horace in relationship. He also has a fond of carrots.


Season 4

  • The Story of Horace the Hare (first appearance)
  • The Story of the Cooking Contest
  • The Story of Bao Bao's Long Goodbye
  • The Story of Confuse-us the Carp
  • The Story of Washi-Washi Day





  • He is called "Horacio" (an alternate of the English name) in the Spanish version.
  • He is very similar to the March Hare, a recurring character in the novel series "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. Both, he and the March Hare are depicted as rabbits and their occupations are cooks.
  • The French name "Lucien" comes from two references in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. "Lu" comes from the famous American actress "Lucy Liu" (voice of Viper). "Cien" comes from "Lord Shen", a villain from the sequel. In other words, "Lucien" may be a corruption of the Chinese name "Liu-Shen".
  • Horace is the only animal that appeared in each episode that features Asia except Episode 103