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Whoever wishes to enjoy my treasure must share the prize and work together.
~ Itchy Quatzel explaining to the animals about his treasure.

Itchy Quatzel protecting his treasure.

Itchy Quatzel the Mysterious Mountain (also known as "The Mysterious Mountain" by short) is an immortal deity who protects the treasure on his mountain. He was also voiced by Bob Saker.

Physical Appearance

He is a pale blue mountain that has a treasure at the top. The treasure chest on the top of the mountain is filled with red and yellow colors. Like many treasure chests, the keyhole is color brown. Inside the chest has a pile of Bongo nuts inside.


Itchy Quatzel is the guardian of the treasure chest, who protects it from intruders who try to steal it. He eventually asks explorers who try to enjoy his treasure to share its stuff from the treasure chest.

Once Taco, Leopoldo and Jazz find treasure on the mysterious mountain, Itchy Quatzel tells the trio to share the treasure once enjoyed. Annie and Adam did teamwork to get to the top and open the treasure chest. After listening to the mountain's words, the animals work together and share the prize together by opening the chest. Inside the chest contained a pile of nuts. By opening the nuts, everyone had a party with Itchy Quatzel and shared the prizes.


Season 2



  • It is not clear if the mountain talks by itself nor the mountain was controlled by an immortal deity.
  • It is the only location that is able to speak.
  • The mysterious mountain is the only character that is not an organism.
  • The mysterious mountain only has 3 unique lines. The rest of the dialogue is repeated with the first lines.