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It's Jack Big Claw!
~ The puffins, worried about Jack Big Claw trying to beat them.

Jack Big Claw

Jack Big Claw the Crab is a red fiddler crab who plays football against the puffins. He is the team captain of the crabs.

Physical Appearance

As his name suggests, Jack has a big claw. He is color red like all the crabs.


Jack is a very serious leader of the crabs. He brings command to the other crabs by making clipping sounds. However, Jack does not talk. He uses his claw for communication to the other crabs.

Jack serves as the goalkeeper to prevent the ball from going through the goal. During a match with the puffins, Jack wasn't able to block the goal. He lost to the puffins after Jamie score his first goal.


Note: This character does not speak. Therefore, he doesn't have any speaking lines.

Season 2



  • Jack resembles a fiddler crab if one can judge by looking at his claw.
  • Jack is one of the characters who have 3 names. The other is Wally's nickname "Wally 2-Trees".
  • Though he resembles a fiddler crab, Jack is actually a red rock crab. His teammates do not have the same claw much like Jack's. Both species are native to the Atlantic Ocean.