“You... play... football! Ha ha ha ha ha! Don't make me laugh!"
~ Jazz laughing at Adam who wants to play football.


Jazz the Jaguar is a brown-orange jaguar who lives in the forests of South America. He is best friends with Leopoldo and Adam. However, he is actually very antagonistic in his first appearance and his next appearance.

Physical Appearance

As stated above, Jazz is brown-orange. He has blue-purple spots. His nose is colored purple.


He is a naughty jaguar who likes to do tricks. However, Jazz is not always mean to Adam. In his first appearance, Jazz and the other animals (with Leopoldo and Duddley) won't let Adam play football at first. Later, he and the other two begin to reform while rescuing Adam from the cave. In his second appearance, Jazz and the other animals (this time with Leopoldo and Taco) try to scare Adam with many traps while trying to find Annie. He and the other two are scared of Annie at first until the three realize that Annie is not really scary.

Since the Season 2 finale, Jazz and the other two begin to reform and work together. Jazz, Leopoldo, and Taco begin to use teamwork to get the treasure from the mountain and share its reward.


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  • In France, he is called "Jean-Jacques". The names "Jean" and "Jacques" are typical French names.
  • Jazz is the first character to speak with a Hispanic accent.
    • Coincidentally, Jazz, Taco, and Tallulah are the only South American characters that speak with a Hispanic accent.
  • Jazz eventually stopped being antagonistic since the Season 2 finale. He usually makes Adam and Leopoldo become friends (or sidekicks).
  • He is the only character whose name ends with the letter "Z".
  • He acts like Steele in "Balto". These antagonists are very mean to Balto and Adam.
  • His animation is very similar to the tiger from the animated short directed by Vrombaut. However, there are two differences:
    • Jazz is running to kick Adam (as a football). The tiger is running away from the hunters trying to shoot it.
  • His favorite dance move is the Jaguar Jive.