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Beat that flat feet!
~ Jimmy, taunting Joey.


Jimmy the Kangaroo is a young kangaroo with buck teeth. He is the son of her mother Julie. He also speaks with an Australian accent. He is also voiced by Lewis McCloud.

Physical Appearance

Jimmy is color pale gray and has buck teeth as stated above.


As stated above, Jimmy is the son of Julie. Jimmy is eventually very rude to Joey by pulling his ear and taunting him. Jimmy usually has a new Koala friend named Phoebe, which both of them like being sneaky tricksters towards residents.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Oddly enough, Jimmy is considered to be the former bully of Joey after his first appearance. This is because he and Phoebe are the sidekicks of Joey.
  • He is based on a gray kangaroo, just like his mother.
  • He along with Julie, are the only character to have 1 buck teeth.