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Kevin the Crocodile is a green miniature crocodile and a member of the trio. He is the best animal friends with Toby and Doris.

Physical Appearance

Kevin is a crocodile in light green color. He is small and has dark green spikes on his back, as well as jaws protruding out his mouth.


Kevin usually spends time with his best animal friends Toby and Doris. He is usually with the animal friend to them, but is a bit cheeky. He gets brainwashed under Victor's command in order to be a real crocodile. Kevin also dislikes Doris for being very bossy, especially with the other animals with bossy attitudes.


Season 1

Season 2






  • It is likely that Kevin is based on an African dwarf crocodile.
  • Kevin is a young crocodile is voiced by Dan Russell with an Southern accent in the US version by Lobster Films. he sounds like an actual male.
  • It is debatable if he is a young adult or a hatchling, due to his appearance in being small.
  • Despite being with the animal friends with Toby and Doris, the crocodiles are actually predators to the turtles and the ducks.
  • Like the other members of the trio, Kevin can appear in some of the episodes without Toby and/or Doris.