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Is that your egg over there?
~ King Snake prompting the animals if this is Audrey's egg

King Snake is a snake, most likely a lower classification of Kingsnake such as the Milk snake (L. Triangulum), who lives in a burrow located in Africa's savannah.

He is voiced by Keith Wickham.

Physical Appearance

King Snake is a snake with pink, lime green, and purple patterned scales. His face is completely purple.

He resembles other nameless snakes found in Africa.


Like with other snakes, King Snake, along with Esmeralda, live in a burrow to avoid other animals. He has a diet mainly consisting of watermelons, but he may also enjoy eggs.

He is considered to be hard to spot, but can be seen in some stories.


Season 1

Season 2




  • His name may have been derived from Kingsnakes (genus: Lampropeltis).
    • He might have been based on a lower classification of King snake, or other types of snakes including the puff adder and sidewinder, but King Snake's specific species of snake is unknown.
  • Although his name is King Snake, he is not actually a king.
  • Both King Snake and Esmeralda have a diet of watermelons.
    • Snakes do not actually eat watermelons in real life, due to them being carnivores.