Leopoldo kicking a watermelon.

Leopoldo the Llama is a llama who is friends with Jazz and Adam. He likes to play football (soccer) in South America. However, Leopoldo is actually very antagonistic to Adam at first when trying to play football.

Physical Appearance

He is a white llama with buck teeth.


In his first appearance, he and the other big animals refuse to let Adam play football. Thinking the armadillo is a monster, he gets frightened by the echoing sneezes. He, Jazz, Duddley, and Taco can be mischievous.

In his next appearance, Leopoldo and Jazz still do villainous deeds to Adam. This time with Taco, he and the other animals try to scare him while trying to find Annie. Since the Season 2 finale, Leopoldo and Jazz stopped being villainous to Adam and is one of the allies. It is revealed that Leopoldo has reformed and became friends with Jazz and Adam.


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  • He acts like Donita Donata in "Wild Kratts". Those antagonists are very mean to Aviva (in Lawes's Parotia powers) and Adam.
  • He has eventually stopped being antagonistic since the Season 2 finale. He usually makes Adam and Jazz become friends (or sidekicks).
  • The "O" from Leopoldo is removed in the French version.
  • While actually an ally with Jazz, a jaguar can hunt llamas for meat in real life.
  • Leopoldo has never appeared in the zoo outside Adobe Flash.
  • His favorite dance move is the Llama Lambada.