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Melanie the Moose is the only known female moose to have antlers. She is the animal friends with Beverly and Randolph. Unlike all the female moose in real-life, this cartoon character has antlers. She speaks with an Brummie accent. She is also voiced by Adrienne Posta.

Physical Appearance

Melanie has antlers, is color brown and has purple hooves.


A bit clumsy, Melanie is actually very innocent. Her animal friends are usually nice instead of being antagonistic.

During the winter, Melanie likes to use her favorite gift: a snowboard. She likes snowboarding across the snowy hills.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Despite having antlers, female moose do not have antlers. Only bull moose have antlers.
  • To avoid confusion with the American elk (Cervus canadensis) ("elk" is the English phrase for a "moose"), Melanie is called a "moose", which the American English US phrase. However, both species (elk and moose) are native to The North America.
  • She is the last animal to have a birthday revealed. The first is Herbert.
  • Even though Melanie is the animal friends with Boris, a bear in real life can be a predator to a moose.
  • Her favorite birthday present is the snowboard.
  • It is revealed Melanie likes to eat herbs in the online game found in the Millimages website. However, Melanie is never seen eating green herbs in the series. Instead, Melanie is seen eating yellow grass in the series.
  • Melanie is the first animal that gets yelled by the other animals with 2 words. The second is Gary.