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Molly the Hippo is a blue hippo who lives in Africa. She has a cousin named Henrietta the Hairy Hippo and a nephew named Eddie the Hippo. She is voiced by Anna Bentinck.

Physical Appearance

She is a blue hippo with 2 wrinkles on each her legs.


She is usually very kind and nice to the other animals. She is also kind in helping Lucy get ready for the next day before the story starts.


Season 1

Season 2





  • Molly is the first semi-aquatic animal in the series.
  • The first time Molly has appeared in a story setting was in Episode 6.
  • She is the only female hippo to be given eyelashes.
  • She is the second character to have a nephew (in this case, Eddie). The first is Dennis with his nephew Gary.
  • Despite being friendly, hippos in real life are very unpredictable and dangerous. Hippos are considered among the most dangerous of all the animals in Africa.
  • Molly is the only animal from Africa to tell stories that take place in Australia.
    • She and Boris are the only narrators not from Australia that tell the stories that take place in Australia.