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Oh, Barbara Baby, I'm so happy to see you! We've been... everywhere looking for you!
~ Mr. Bison and Mrs. Bison, very happy with Barbara reunited with them.

Mr. Bison and Mrs. Bison reuniting with Barbara.

Mr. Bison and Mrs. Bison are two bison who are the parents of Barbara. They live in North America.

Physical Appearance

The two are based on American bison, hence their last name. Barbara's mum has narrow horns. Barbara's dad has wide horns.


Both of Barbara's parents give their daughter Barbara advise to always be with them to catch butterflies to avoid getting lost.


Season 3

Season 4



  • Neither the mother nor the father has a real name. Instead, the two have a "Mr." and "Mrs." prefix.
  • The reason why they are given American accents is because they are based on American bison.