Jumping boots are not allowed!
~ Mr. Platypus, prohibiting the use of Jumping Boots in the Jumping Competition.
Mister P

Mr. Platypus

Mr. Platypus is a platypus and one of the notable inhabitants of the billabong. He is also a scoutmaster to all the young marsupials.

Physical Appearance

He is a platypus as his name suggests. However, he has an indigo bill.


He is usually a host and a scoutmaster to young marsupials. He is actually trying to get everyone's attention by yelling out "Quiet!" during events. Not only he is a scoutmaster, he is also very curious in interesting things he doesn't know yet (such as the Play and Splash Pool found by Joey).


Season 1

  • The Story of Joey the Kangaroo (first appearance)
  • The Story of Wally the Wombat (no lines)

Season 2

  • The Story of Phoebe the Koala
  • The Story of Joey's Camping Trip

Season 3

  • The Story of the Big Billabong Wave
  • The Story of the Play and Splash Pool
  • The Story of Joey's Sleepover (cloned, no lines)

Season 4

  • The Story of the Last Buluru Berry




  • Mr. Platypus is the first character to have a prefix ("Mr.") or Mister.
  • He does not have any venomous spurs on his feet. This is probably because he was designed without spurs to make it suitable for younger viewers. In real-life, a platypus has venomous spurs.
  • Despite standing on two legs (which is mostly anthropomorphic), a platypus in real life is quadrupedal (standing on four legs). However, he is sometimes seen walking on four legs.
  • On the online game found on the website of Millimages, it is revealed that he eats algae. In real life, a platypus is actually a carnivore.