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She should have been here 3 minutes ago!
~ Nelson, impatient about Lucy being late.


Nelson the Elephant is a large elephant who lives in Africa. He is the wisest of all the animals in Africa. He is voiced by Keith Wickham.

Physical Appearance

He is a big elephant with pink cheeks. He is colored light yellow green gray.



As an elephant calf, Nelson is very stubborn. He refuses to give up his hobby of jumping which can disturb the other animals. Also, he dislikes being bored without jumping. Nelson is also capable of eating leaves from the baobab tree. Nelson also knew that jumping is very noisy and bothersome to the other animals.


Nelson is usually very kind to Lucy and the other animals in Africa. Nelson is usually very helpful to others in the African regions.

Like all the elephants, Nelson has great wisdom. Though Nelson is a bit grumpy, Nelson is not counted as a villain. Nelson is counted as an anti-hero. Nelson gets along well with the other African animals.


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Other media


  • Despite living in Africa, Nelson looks like an Asian elephant or may be an African-Asian hybrid. Also, he does not have any tusks as an adult. This is because African elephants have big ears and Asian elephants have small ears. Also, what's worst of his body is that his head is in his body abdomen. His skin is supposed to be dark grey or brown, just like elephants in real life.
  • Nelson is the only adult animal that is seen as a child.
  • He is based on an African bush elephant, despite having small ears.
  • The trumpeting sound of an elephant in real life is actually a bellow. His trumpeting sound almost sounds like a foghorn. Nelson does make a mock bellow by saying "Toot".
  • In Corneil and Bernie, Nelson makes a brief appearance in the episode "Who Said That?". He can be seen as one of the animals in the animal shelters. He is seen right next to Pablo while Corneil meets Bernie who captured Coco in his cage. Nelson does not have any dialogue in this episode. Both, Nelson and Pablo are produced by Millimages. They are also from both series produced by Millimages. In addition, Corneil and Nelson are both voiced by Keith Wickham in the same universe.