Hi, Uncle Nelson! Sorry, I'm late! I took a shortcut.
~ Nigel's first lines.


Nigel the Elephant Calf is the nephew of Nelson. He is a green elephant calf.

Physical Appearance

Nigel has green skin; also, he looks like one of the two nameless elephant calves with eyelashes from Episode 9.


Nigel is usually very playful who likes to cause mess. Like Eddie, he and Nigel are one of the nephews that must listen to other animals for advice. Things become a problem when Nigel doesn't listen to advice from other animals. Much like Eddie, Nigel must be responsible for listening to other animals. This is revealed in Episode 75 when Nigel was trying to keep an eye out for Herbert's watermelons. The watermelons are ruined, which resulted him for being irresponsible.


Season 3

  • The Story of Nelson's Nephew Nigel (first appearance)
  • The Story of Herbert's Watermelons

Season 4

  • The Story of the House of Leaves




  • The name "Nigel" and his French name "Marcel" are a possible reference to the animated film "Rio", a film by Blue Sky Studios. The name "Nigel" is the name of a rogue cockatoo and the name "Marcel" is the name of one of the poachers.
  • He is the first new character introduced in Season 3.
  • He shares similar characteristics with Eddie. Both, he and Eddie are depicted as pachyderms and nephews to adults (Nelson and Molly). The difference is that Nigel is an elephant and Eddie is a hippo. Both, he and Eddie are the animals that need to listen advice from the other animals upon meeting them.
  • Nigel is the fourth animal to get yelled at with harsh words. The first is Melanie. The second is Gary. The third is Thelma.
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