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All my lovely fruit is gone! Now, I don't have anything to give my parrot friends a party!
~ Petula, angry about the fruit that was stolen.


Petula the Parrot is a female African parrot who is very protective of her fruit. She acts very hostile to thieves who steal her fruit. She is also voiced by Adrienne Posta.

Physical Appearance

She is a green parrot with hot pink wings, a magenta tail and with an orange beak and a pair of orange legs. She resembles one of the parrots from the Jungle.


Petunia is sometimes a villain, because she teaches Giggles and Tickles a lesson about eating the party fruit. However, she reforms when she and the other parrots have a party after Nelson toppled a tree to reunite Giggles and Tickles together, causing lots of the fruit to fall on the ground.


Season 2




  • She is the first antagonist who is a bird. The second is Taco.
  • She is based on either a Senegal parrot or a yellow-fronted parrot.
  • Petula is the first character to use other's voices.
  • She is the only character to be a parrot outside of Australia.