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Phoebe the Koala is a koala is the Australian Animal friend of Joey and Jimmy. She also speaks with an Australian accent too. She is also voiced by Anna Bentinck.

Physical Appearance

She resembles one of the nameless koalas who were spectators during the jumping competition.


She is very playful like her Australian Animal friends Joey and Jimmy. Sometimes, she gets very frustrated about her useless efforts and soon know she has done the effort actually by accident.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Her Canadian French name "Julia" is not to be confused with the other "Julia", which is the Neutral Spanish name for Julie.
  • Phoebe is usually seen up all day. In real life, a koala actually sleeps during the day.
  • Her favorite food is eucalyptus leaves. This shares the same traits with Joey. Both, she and Joey are the Australian Animal friends with Mr. Platypus who like eucalyptus.
  • Despite sleeping at night, koalas in real-life sleep during the day.