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You must you always whistle the same tune?!
~ Ronald, getting annoyed by the Tic Tic Bird's whistling.


Ronald the Rhino is a black rhinoceros who likes to bash boulders. His best bird friend is the Tic Tic Bird. He is also voiced by Keith Wickham.


Ronald has an interest in breaking boulders. Ronald usually lives in the boulder territory, a faraway land filled with lots of boulders.

Ronald usually is very helpful with the other animals all across in Africa, including Zed, Nelson and the others.

Physical Appearance

He is a black rhinoceros without any visible nostrils. He has wrinkles on his legs, like all the pachyderms.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Ronald stated that he and other rhinos make bashing noises. In real life, the sound what a rhinoceros makes is a grunt.
  • He is based on an African black rhinoceros, as stated above.
  • Both, Ronald and Rosie took the role of Romeo and Juliet in Episode 37. If one counted William, then this would be another reference to Shakespeare.
  • His name and appearance may be an allusion to "James and the Giant Peach", a novel by Roald Dahl. His appearance is alluded with a giant rhino who ate James's parents. "Ronald" also comes from "Roald Dahl", the author of the novel.
  • His first appearance was actually in Episode 7, despite being shown in the opening song. He is seen dancing with the other animals alongside Kevin after Kevin saved Toby and Doris from Victor.