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Never mind; you could rescue me... next time.
~ Rosie, explaining to Ronald about rescuing her next time.


Rosie the Rhino is Ronald's love interest. She is lavender and has a female Tic Tic Bird. She is also voiced by Anna Bentinck.

Physical Appearance

Rosie is lavender, as stated above.


Rosie usually didn't like Ronald's goofy and clumsy behavior, so she decided to walk away. She is known for rescuing Ronald from a river flood, which he caused when being thought to save Rosie.


Season 2



  • She takes the role of Juliet Capulet in the part where Ronald is singing like Romeo Montague.
  • She and Ronald are the only characters to play Shakespearean characters.
    • If one counts William the weaver (named after William Shakespeare), then this would be another reference to Shakespeare.
  • Though she dislikes Ronald's goofy and clumsy behavior, Rosie isn't counted as a villain. Instead, she is counted as an anti-heroine.