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Season 3 began production in 2008 and aired on CBeebies on 2010. This animation uses Adobe Flash instead of traditional animation.


Below here is a chart of episodes listed in order based on the transmission order in the United Kingdom:

Image Name No. Setting Description
Ep 53 16.jpg The Story of Nelson's Nephew Nigel 53 Africa Nelson's nephew causes chaos across Africa before the rainy season occurs.
Ep 54 79.jpg The Story of Georgina, Queen of Fashion 54 Africa The animals decide to make hats after Georgina found a lovely hat in Africa. Things get ridiculous when the animals made hats in large size.
Ep 55 88.jpg The Story of Lily's Little Brother 55 Africa Lily is very jealous when a new egg is laid by her mother. She is very jealous with the new baby.
Ep 56 91.jpg The Story of the Big Billabong Wave 56 Australia Joey and his friends are bored at throwing stones at the lake. They decide to go surfing on the lake instead.
Ep 57 54.jpg The Story of Toby's New House 57 Africa Toby is very tired of his old home, so his friends attempt to give him a new one. Things become a problem when Toby gets a new home.
Ep 58 41.jpg The Story of Jamie the Littlest Puffin 58 Mossy Bay Island Jamie is in the habit of sucking his feather. The other puffins try to keep him out of the habit.
Ep 59 80.jpg The Story of Ronald's Swimming Lesson 59 Africa After many attempts on crossing the river, Ronald must learn how to swim when the animals have crossed the river.
Ep 60 75.jpg The Story of the Puffins' Treasure 60 Mossy Bay Island The puffins are very confused after their football has disappeared. It is revealed that the tide carries things from one places to another.
Ep 61 48.jpg The Story of Victor's Bad Teeth Day 61 Africa While trying to scare other animals, Victor is very careless about his teeth. Victor has too much rubbish inside his mouth after being careless about his teeth.
Ep 62 62.jpg The Story of Snowbert's New Friend 62 North Pole After an argument with his friend Sidney, he and Snowbert are no longer friends. Snowbert created an icy sculpture as his new friend.
Ep 63 46.jpg The Story of the Play and Splash Pool 63 Australia When Joey finds a swimming pool, the other animals decide to have fun inside. The swimming pool is ruined when too many animals have overlapped.
Ep 64 75.jpg The Story of Melanie's Little Helpers 64 North America Melanie has trouble in changing directions with her snowboard. She gets help from Randolph, alongside Alfie and Charlie in order to turn properly.
Ep 65 67.jpg The Story of Joey's Sleepover 65 Australia Joey's parents are going to a concert. He is dismissed to have a sleepover with Phoebe.
Ep 66 69.jpg The Story of the Jungle Pie 66 Africa Kevin can only have a burger by helping other animals make a pie. Kevin didn't know he liked new foods when trying to gather ingredients.
Ep 67 99.jpg The Story of Jazz the Carnival King 67 South America Jazz refuses to dance without the important things and lessons. The other animals try to teach the stubborn jaguar how to dance.
Ep 68 28.jpg The Story of Patsy the Porcupine 68 Africa Patsy has hurt herself while trying to remove all the rubbish in Africa. The other animals must clean up the messy environment after Patsy is injured.
Ep 69 76.jpg The Story of the Together Stones 69 Australia Wally has made special stones for the animals. The stones try to make the animals go together. These stones made them argue instead. It is revealed that these objects are actually puzzle pieces.
Ep 70 26.jpg The Story of Thelma the Whale 70 Mossy Bay Island Thelma is a lonely whale without friends. Jamie allows her to be friends with him, but crashed into the island. The other puffins are disappointed when Thelma crashed into the island.
Ep 71 75.jpg The Story of the Best Christmas Tree Ever 71 North America When Melanie gives the Christmas tree to a family of bison, the other animals are upset. It is revealed that the Christmas tree is for sharing.
Ep 72 32.jpg The Story of Alan's Catchy Tune 72 Africa Alan is too shy to perform in a concert. The animals help him overcome his fears.
Ep 73 71.jpg The Story of the Baby Bison 73 North America Barbara is lost from her family, so Alfie and Charlie must use clues to reunite her back to her family.
Ep 74 81.jpg The Story of Zed the Hero of Africa 74 Africa When a volcano is erupting in Africa, the animals decide to prevent the eruption from occurring. Zed was able to block the lava with the last boulder.
Ep 75 11.jpg The Story of Herbert's Watermelons 75 Africa Nigel must watch over the watermelons after Herbert lost one of his rocks. Nigel doesn't listen to Herbert while watching the watermelons.
Ep 76 68.jpg The Story of Doris's Precious Things 76 Africa Doris is very greedy when collecting precious objects. The other animals are upset at the greedy thief who stole the precious objects.
Ep 77 79.jpg The Story of Leopoldo the Llama 77 South America Leopoldo decides to climb a mountain on his own while no other animal could follow him. The animals go after Leopoldo to ensure if he's safe.
Ep 78 21.jpg The Story of Tallulah the Toucan 78 South America Tallulah loses a red flower after a strong wind blew away all of them. Adam, Leopoldo, and Jazz try to let her overcome her fears.



  • Lucy
  • Lucy's Mother (mentioned only)
  • Nelson the Elephant
  • Georgina the Giraffe
  • King Snake (depicted as a plush toy)
  • Boris the Bear
  • Tickles and Giggles the Monkeys
  • Molly the Hippo
  • Kevin the Crocodile
  • Toby the Turtle
  • Audrey the Ostrich
  • Doris the Duck
  • Herbert the Warthog
  • Zed the Zebra
  • Nathalie the Antelope
  • Isabel the Flamingo
  • The Snip Snip Bird
  • Alan the Aardvark
  • Harry the Hyena (unheard cheers only)
  • Ronald the Rhino
  • The Tic Tic Bird
  • William the Weaverbird (no lines)
  • Phoebe the Koala
  • Jimmy the Kangaroo
  • Joey the Kangaroo
  • Mr. Platypus
  • Wally the Wombat
  • Janice's Triplets
  • Reginald the Lion
  • Thomas, Sharon, Lewis, and Jamie the Puffins
  • Hercule Mustache the Walrus
  • Thelma the Whale
  • Gunnar the Seagull
  • Georgina's Grandmother (mentioned only)
  • Victor the Crocodile
  • Sidney the Seal
  • Snowbert the Polar Bear
  • Melanie the Moose
  • Alfie and Charlie the Chipmunks
  • Randolph the Raccoon
  • Beverley the Beaver
  • Adam the Armadillo
  • Leopoldo the Llama
  • Jazz the Jaguar
  • Lucy's Father (mentioned only)
  • Patsy the Porcupine
  • Esmeralda the Snake


  • Nigel the Elephant Calf
  • Yasmin (mentioned only)
  • Robyn (mentioned only)
  • Lily the Ostrich Chick
  • Doogal the Ostrich Chick
  • Carrie the Cockatoo
  • Jocasta (mentioned only)
  • Aunt Louise (mentioned only)
  • Dentist (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Icy Flipper
  • Cousin Max (mentioned only)
  • Koala Mama
  • Tallulah the Toucan
  • Mr. Bison and Mrs. Bison
  • Barbara the Baby Bison



Note: Only add in the scenes shown in almost every episode.



  • Some of the characters are given different tones. Matt Wilkinson is the replacement of Lewis McLeod. Alice Hearing was the voice of Lucy in only this season until she was voiced by Lara Wollington in Season 4; she was previously voiced by Ciara Janson in Seasons 1 and 2.
  • This series marks the memory of Jill McGreal and John Grace who died during production.
  • A setting based on a North American desert was supposed to appear as a new region, but was never shown.
  • This is the first season in which Thelma and Gunnar are able to talk for the first time.
  • Theme Song are changing Alan the aardvark are replaced Pauline the pelican and herd of Bison are replaced the sheep in Season 3 and Season 4.
  • Upon release in 2010, Season 3 marked the return of the series after seven years of hiatus.