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But I promised I'll be back. Arf arf! And I'll always keep my promises!
~ Sidney, happy with Snowbert being back.


Sidney the Seal is a purple friendly seal. He is the animal friends with Snowbert, alongside his long-lost walrus friend Hercule Mustache. He is also voiced by Keith Wickham.

Physical Appearance

Sidney is a purple harp seal. He is small and is very cheerful. He has light purple spots. Sidney also has 4 whiskers on his indigo nose.


Sidney is a very friendly seal. He has a polar bear friend named Snowbert and even Hercule Mustache. He is also very good at giving Snowbert advice in playing dominoes. Much like Snowbert, he dislikes Hercule Mustache who always groans and moans.


Season 1

Season 2




  • Sidney is usually with the animal friends with Snowbert. In real-life, a polar bear hunts for the seals and the walruses.
  • Sidney is the only animal that is seen standing by using his tail.
  • Sidney has a walrus friend named Hercule Mustache in Episode 30.
  • He is the first character that is a pinniped. The second is Hercule Mustache.
  • As stated above, Sidney is based on a harp seal.