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I think I have a animal friend.
~ Snowbert, longing to have an animal friend other than Sidney.


Snowbert the Polar Bear is Boris's cousin who lives in The North Pole. He used to be lonely until he found friendship with Sidney. He speaks with an Deep American accent. He is also voiced by Bob Saker.

Physical Appearance

He is a polar bear who looks like his relative Boris. The difference is that he is colored white and has a purple nose.


Because he lives all alone, he used to play by himself until his animal friend Sidney arrived. He is also a animal friend of the other animals such as Thelma and has a good relationship. He usually dislikes Hercule Mustache's moaning and groaning.


Season 1

Season 2





  • He and Sidney are the best animal friends. In real life, a polar bear usually hunts for the seals and the walruses.
  • Despite his only diet is for fish and being equivalent to vegetarians, the fish are actually carnivore chow. Also, Snowbert is actually a carnivore.
  • His name is a pun on "snowball" and the name "Robert". In Brazilian Portuguese, his name translates to "snowball".
  • Despite having a pink tongue in the series, a polar bear in real life has a purple tongue.
  • He shares similar characteristics with Eeyore from "Winnie the Pooh". Both have very similar voices and share their names ("Igor") in one language (Neutral Spanish).