Open up, you silly box! I want my treasure!
~ Taco, yelling at the treasure chest to open it automatically.


Taco the Toucan is a Toco toucan whose personality is snooty.

Physical Appearance

He is based on a Toco toucan. The difference is Taco has yellow filling on his beak.


Taco is known to be very despicable against Adam at first. He likes to bring in traps to scare Adam on his progress to find Annie. As soon as Adam found Annie, Taco is forced to work together with Adam. He also likes to rush up with the animals and is usually a bit of impatient.


Season 2



  • In Japan, his name is spelled as "Tako" ( タコ). The name "Tako" is Japanese for "octopus" and has no use to the mollusk. The name "Tako" is just for the toucan. Both species are native to South America.
  • He acts like Nigel in "Rio". Those birds are very snooty to Blu and Adam.
  • He, along with Jazz and Tallulah, are the only characters that have Hispanic accents.
  • Out of all the three big animals of South America, Taco is the only antagonist that is not a big animal.
  • He is replaced by another Toco toucan named Tallulah in Season 3 and 4. However, this female counterpart is much friendlier than Taco.
  • He has a fond of forest nuts. That is the case when a toucan in real life is able to crack a walnut with its beak.
  • Despite seen flying excellently, a toucan in real life can hardly fly.
  • As stated above, Taco is based on a Toco toucan.