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It's a surprise. Why don't you come back tomorrow when the surprise is ready?
~ Tallulah, asking Jazz, Leopoldo, and Adam about the surprise Tallulah is making.


Tallulah the Toucan (sometimes spelled as Talullah) is a female toucan who lives in a tree full of flowers. She is also known as the "Queen of Surprises".

Physical Appearance

She looks much like Taco, but has eyelashes and a red flower; to avoid bad luck, which is always seen having a red flower.


She is friendlier than Taco and is helpful towards other animals.

Sometimes, she is very overprotective of her secrets. She gets very upset when the animals reveal the secrets. Tallulah dislikes bad luck, because bad luck makes her very miserable.


Season 3

Season 4




  • She is also based on a Toco toucan (just like Taco).
  • She, along with Jazz and Taco are the only South American characters to have Hispanic accents.
  • She is the only South American resident not to appear outside Adobe Flash.
  • Despite always seen flying, a toucan in real life can hardly fly.
  • Her favorite dance move is the Toucan Tango.