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The North Pole is an exact setting which borders between Canada the Arctic Circle. It is home to a lonely Deep American polar bear and a harp seal.

The Snowy Scenery

The Scenery at Evening

On the snowy scenery, there is an igloo which is home to a Deep American polar bear. He is very lonely, which made him talk by himself. Every hour or day, some parts of the ice melt. The animals that come out of the water are mostly sardines.

Every day, the climate in the North Pole keeps changing. Also, it is very hard for Sidney to find his animal friend. Sometimes, the ice melts into a big pool. This makes a pod of the seals have fun near the water. These seal friends are led by Sidney.

Every midnight, the sky in the North Pole is filled with aurora. The aurora is based on Aurora Borealis. Sidney and his animal friends took a look at the experience while having a picnic.

The Glacier

The Icy Ocean

The glacier is home to many icecaps floating on the water. It is home to many Arctic fish. Thelma, who lives on the other side of the North Pole, is also a visitor. However, it is the former home of Thelma. It is the former home of a very large French walrus.

The Residents of the North Pole

The Visitors of the North Pole


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