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South America is one of the major continents in the real world and a minor setting in a few stories. Like Africa, it and The North America are fictionalized versions. There are mostly cacti in this setting. The South America is possibly based on Chile, Argentina and Peru.

The Mountains

The Mountains

The mountains are yellow in South America. It is home to a beige armadillo known for rolling down the mountains.

The Valley

You... play... football! Ha ha ha ha ha! Don't make me laugh!
~ Jazz laughing at Adam who wants to play football.

Adam meeting Jazz, Leopoldo and Dudley at the Valley

The valley is one of the main settings which be seen from the mountains. It is home to 4 unlucky animals: a Hispanic jaguar, a llama, a brown sloth with spiky hair and a Hispanic Toco toucan. It is also the setting where the animals play football.

The valley is also home to some of the other South American animals, such as hummingbirds, spoonbills, tapirs and green iguanas.

The Cave

The Cave

The cave is a minor location. Many animals (including ancestral natives) believe there are monsters making echoing noises in the cave.

The Forest

The Dark Forest

Did someone mention my name?
~ Annie's first lines.

It is believed that a large red anaconda was the true monster in the forest. However, there was no monster in the forest.

According to Vrombaut, the story setting is described a dark forest. One can see numerous eyes (the monkeys, the ocelots, the macaws, the anteaters, the tapirs and the other forest animals) lurking in the many trees.

Itchy Quatzel

Main article: Itchy Quatzel the Mysterious Mountain

Whoever wishes to enjoy my treasure must share the prize and work together.
~ Itchy Quatzel, giving the advice to the animals about the treasure.
Mysterious Mountain.jpg

A mysterious mountain which is the home of ancient deities. It is the only known mountain that can speak.

The Desert

The desert is an environment that had a forest of cacti. The desert mountains are based on the ones in Chile.

In its first appearance, the desert is encountered when Adam, Annie, Jazz, Leopoldo and Taco are trying to hunt for treasure. In its second appearance, Leopoldo encountered the desert while trying to climb the biggest mountain.

The Residents of the South America

  • The Monster Cactus (fake monster only)


Season 1

Season 2


The music in South America is a mix between an accordion and a Latin Spanish guitar. Sometimes the music in South America speeds up when anyone gets foiled. At later points, the music in South America gets updated with a higher tune.